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Pulsar 2849


It is the year 2849, and humanity has harnessed the power of the pulsars. Now we must find a way to distribute this power throughout the stars.

Pulsar 2849 is a Euro-style game wher players explore space, claim pulsars, and discover the technologies that will help them build energy-distribution infrastructure on a cosmic scale. Dice are used to purchase actions, and players choose their dice from a communal pool. There are many paths to victory, so you can blaze your own trail to a bright future.

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Pulsar 2849 is played over 8 rounds each with three phases: the dice phase, the action phase, and the production phase and you draft dice to explore the universe in Pulsar 2849.

In the Dice Phase, dice are rolled and then drafted, with the first die being drafted based on player order and the second die based on reverse turn order. Each die selected can impact either player order or engineering cubes.

During the Action Phase, the dice selected are used for two actions selected from a variety of available actions, according to player order. Excellent planning can lead to a third action being available. Different actions include moving your ship around the board, building transmitter to score points, completing projects in your HQ board, or patenting technologies on the tech board.

During the Production Phase, points are earned and the board state is updated for the next round.

Players score points each round based on what they’ve discovered and explored, and everyone has common goals that they want to achieve. At the end of the eight rounds, points earned during the game are added to end game scoring opportunities, such as goal tiles completed and the number of planetary systems with their stations and the player with the most points wins.


  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 60 – 90 Minutes
  • Ages 14+


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