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Destiny Aurora Renegades

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Destiny Aurora Renegades is a fast-paced, sci-fi adventure game that takes place both on the planet’s surface and in orbit as the Renegades try to complete missions while attempting to be thwarted by the Coalition agents. Destiny Aurora Renegades is a campaign-based miniatures game. Choose a ship, choose a crew, and choose a side.

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Destiny Aurora: Renegades is a uniquely immersive sci-fi game where players control both dogfights in space while their away team performs a mission on the planet’s surface. Discover a universe of alien races and indigenous creatures as the story unfolds. Customize your crew and your ship during this exciting and fast-paced campaign-based miniatures board game based on the successful book series.

In the future an Intergalactic Coalition is formed to police certain quadrants of the galaxy. However, in the lawless area known as Dregg Space a group of mercenaries called Renegades have been hired for a variety of criminal tasks ranging from data theft to assassination. A pair of Coalition ships have been dispatched to stop them, namely the Destiny Aurora and the Eden Fyre. The galaxy won’t remain imperiled for long.

Destiny Aurora Renegades is a 1-4 player miniature strategy board game based on the Destiny Aurora novel series by award-winning writer, Frank Zanca. The game features incredible art and amazingly detailed figure sculptures, which will allow you to immerse yourself in this fantastical futuristic world and create stories of your own. Choose to either play as the criminal band of Renegades or the coalition trying to bring them to justice. Recruit your crew to work the five stations on your ship: Commander, Pilot, Weapons, Communications and Engineering, as you descend to the planet’s surface and deploy your away team on one of the sixteen perilous missions.

Destiny Aurora Renegades is played on two different boards simultaneously. Beginning with the Space Phase where you engage in battle with your ship or land to deploy or pick up your Landing Party. The Planetary Phase is where your team conducts the Mission.

Each of the two boards is created from 9 unique tiles and 4 end caps that are randomly built ensuring that no two games are alike even if you replay the same mission.

  • 1 – 4 Players
  • Ages 12+
  • 60 – 120 Minutes


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