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Bang! The Duel


The Law and the Outlaws finally confront each other, and their shootout will be full of surprises in Bang! The Duel. Each side has two gunslingers in the field at a time: one on the frontlines and one as the rearguard. If you\’re careful how you position them, and use their abilities wisely, you’ll be the winner of the duel. . .when you make your enemies bite the dust!

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Bang! The Duel is a two-player version of Bang! in which each player chooses a certain number of characters from a personal deck, with one deck containing lawful individuals and the other one outlaws; the more characters you choose, the longer the game. Each player starts with two characters in play, with one being in front of the other.

Each player also has an individual deck of action cards, with the lawful player specializing in drawing cards and the outlaw player specializing in tricks. Players take turns playing cards, trying to take out the opponent’s characters. As you do, new characters come into play, and whoever eliminates all of their opponent’s characters first wins.

  • 2 Players
  • Ages 8+
  • 30 Minutes


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