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ALNURO is a codebreaker game in which players decode a combination of Roman numerals and natural numbers to uncover words written with letters of the English alphabet. The team that has managed to amass the most points in 6 rounds, wins the game.

Do you have what is takes to be the ultimate codebreaker?

Available Christmas 2019

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In ALNURO, players use the code provided to to find the the missing letters and solve the English words on coded cards
(Answers are found on the back of each playing card). Decode the words within the time limit to earn extra points and WIN,
becoming the ultimate ALNURO codebreaker.

To start, players form at least 2 teams and / or decide which level to play if playing as individuals. Set the timer to the appropriate time, shuffle the relevant cards, and deal one to each team, together with a code master card (see below).

ALNURO Code Master SamplePlayers are now ready to begin round 1.

For example, the letter “A” is represented by the Roman number I and
the natural number 1, so “A” is coded as I1. The letter “Z” would be
represented by IX2. Each letter should always be represented with
the Roman number first, followed by the natural number.
So, the word “CAT” is written as I3 I1 VII2 ( “C” = I3, “A” = I1 and “T” = VII2).

Letters can also be coded in a more incomplete way, introducing
a bit more of a puzzle element to the game.Teams need to completes all five words on their card before the time is up to earn bonus points and maximse their points to win the game.

ALNURO is a one of a kind, exciting codebreaker game that improves cognitive function. Have fun as you work your way from Easy to Legendary levels.

  • Ages 8+
  • 2+ Players
  • 20 Minutes

Available Christmas 2019

1 review for ALNURO

  1. BoardGame Guru

    Such a cool idea for a game. I love that this has some real codebreaking and it will make for some really fun moments as you race the other players to decode the words.

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