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Sussed!? makes it fun sussing out people. In this series, your aim is to score the most points by answering questions about other players’ attitudes. Be prepared to be sussed too!

Topics include celebrities, fashion, film, food, health, music, news, parenting, shopping, sports, travel and TV. No general knowledge is required. Lively, eye-opening and fast-moving, Sussed!? can be played with family, friends, colleagues and strangers. Laugh out loud as players discover that they don’t know each other or themselves as well as they think.

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A game about your likes and dislikes Find out who’s got you sussed?Spark hilarious conversations, liven up meals, journeys and holidays. Discover astonishing things about friends and family. As one player reads aloud a question – and 3 possible answers – you figure out which way they’ll go. You’ll soon be absorbed by the funny stories, blissful memories and riotous debates that every single game reveals.

Who’s got you sussed?

  • 2 – 10 Players
  • Ages 12+


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