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Shopkins Guess Who is the classic game of Guess Who with a Shopkins twist. It’s packed with 48 different colourful characters from Shopkins Season One to choose from. Can you guess where Gran Jam loves to hang out? Who D’Lish Donut’s BFF is? What Lippy Lips’ favourite hobby is, and who the exclusive and limited edition characters are? Shopkins fans will love this Shopkins Guess Who game.

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Shopkins is a range of collectible mini, cute and colourful grocery store themed figurines, categorized across grocery store departments such as fruit, vegetables, toiletries and frozen foods, creating a range of grocery themed characters. Shopkins Guess Who is a great way to learn who the Shopkins are and is great family fun!

Ask your opponent questions relating to the characters on the doors, i.e. does your mystery character hang out in the bakery aisle? If your opponent answers no, then close all the doors to characters that do hang out in the bakery aisle. You are now closer to figuring out the mystery character.

Now it’s your opponent’s turn to ask a yes or no question.

Once you think you know the mystery character, wait until your next turn and make a guess instead of asking a question.

If you guess correctly you win but if you guess wrong, your opponent wins!

  • Ages 3+
  • 2 Players



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