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RISK Lord of the Rings


Step into the world of the Lord of the Rings with this special edition of Risk! Choose whether to command a Good or an Evil force, and battle against rival armies in a bid to decide the fate of Middle-earth. Play on a detailed gameboard, battle with specially-sculpted characters including Orcs, Dark Riders, Eagles and Cave Trolls, and push for victory before the One Ring leaves Middle-earth forever!

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Play by classic RISK rules or add in The Lord of the Rings twists!

The map is of Middle Earth, and the tokens represent armies of that fictional world where you play either good or evil. Leaders, missions and sites of power have been added as twists on the original gameplay and The One Ring acts as a timing mechanism, when it leaves the board, the game ends.

Who will prevail in this time-honored game of strategy and daring.

  • Ages 9+
  • 3 – 5 Players


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