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World’s Smallest Perplexus Original


Perplexus original is a puzzle in the round, an obstacle course on a roll. 360 degrees of orbital track filled with mind bending turns, brain-thrilling twists and jaw-dropping stunts that will challenge you, inspire you and have you wondering how can something so easy to pick up, be so hard to put down!

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Tired of spending your downtime twiddling your thumbs, or worse yet, playing with your smartphone?

You’re in luck!

Small enough to fit in your pocket yet still packed with the same topsy-turvy excitement as the original, the World’s Smallest Perplexus lets you experience multi-dimensional tilt-maze fun everywhere you go. The World’s Smallest Perplexus encourages hand-eye coordination, focus, dexterity.

After all, why use your spaces between life to dull your brain when you can sharpen it instead? Roll the ball to one of the starting points. If you can’t find them… put PERPLEXUS down and slowly back away!

Flip, twist and spin PERPLEXUS to move the ball along the numbered path. When you fall off the track, cuz it’s gonna happen, just start over! If you make it to the end, pat yourself on the back, then try racing your friends or the clock!

Suitable for Age 8+


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