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Noises at Night

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A crashing noise in the kitchen, a tumbling sound in the attic, a scratch at the window; there is something odd going on in Grandpa’s spooky house. In Noises at Night it’s up to Leo to solve the clues, and figure out the suspects in each room before the timer runs out. But beware, it has been rumored that there are ghosts and monsters lurking in the night!

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In Noises and Night, a 15 minute deduction game, up to four detectives will compete to score victory points. Placing clues around the house scores points but place too many and others will find out who you are which will land them additional guessing points, each player will have a secret identity with their own scoring symbol and a location to score bonus points. With each passing round the timer goes down, and the amount of guessing points you can earn goes down with it. Each player will have a chance to be Leo, to solve the mysteries around grandpas spooky house and to discover once and for all those noises at night.

Ages 8+
2 – 4 Players
10 – 20 Mins


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