For dice lovers, Strike is an exciting game of skill and luck. Each player is given a number of dice and takes turns rolling them in the arena. Players try, through clever dice rolling, to “re-roll” the dice already in the arena so they show identical numbers and take any dice successfully changed. The last player left with dice wins.

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A new style of dice playing, Strike gives fans of the classic pastime an exciting twist on the old favorite. A fun choice for family game night or a rainy afternoon with roommates, its simple rules make it easy to pick up while its fast pace keeps play interesting. Suitable for ages eight and up, this is a great game to play with children who are just becoming more advanced with numbers as well as with adults who like a challenge. Luck of the dice combined with strategy make this an intellectual game that still leaves some outcomes up to chance  The goal is to be the last player who still has dice. At the beginning, one die is in the arena. The active player throws another die into the arena. If both dice now show the same number, the player must take them out and end the turn. If not, the player can decide to throw in another die (possibly trying to overturn other dice) or end his/her turn. A die which shows the X face is removed from the game, as is any die which falls out of the arena. A player who holds no more dice is eliminated from the game. The last player who still has dice is the winner.

Versatile Play Options

Thanks to its many possibilities, Strike offers easy playtime for families and friends. A variation of the game (described on the last page of the rule booklet) gives you an alternative version of the game to keep players on their toes. In the alternative version, competitors play a tournament round with as many games as there are players taking part, rotating the starting player spot each time. You score as many points each game as the number of players remaining when you go out. The winner of each round receives no points, as there are no players remaining when they’ve won. The player at the end with the fewest points overall wins the game. Couples will love that this game can be played with just two players. And parents and grandparents will love that the oldest player goes first.

  • Ages 8+
  • 15 Minutes
  • 2 – 5 Players


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