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Ambition is a very simple, but strategically deep card game. After the very successful launch of the game in store in July – now is the opportunity to take this great game home as our Game of the Month for August.

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The object of Ambition is to be the first player to gain 10 coins, that represent your level of influence. The moment a player gains 10 coins, that player is the winner.

At the start of the game all players are dealt 2 cards face-down. It is played in 5 consecutive phases, making up each round.

Phase 1: The Pass Phase
Starting with the first player, each player passes one of their cards (without revealing it) to the player on their left. Passing is consecutive rather than simultaneous, meaning that players are allowed, if they want to, to pass on the card they just received.

Phase2: The Play Phase
In this phase all of the players select one of the cards in their hand and play it face down on the table. This is done simultaneously. This “active” card is the card that each player is choosing to play this round.

Phase 3: The Block Phase
In this phase each of the players, starting from the player to the first player’s right and moving anti-clockwise, names out loud a card that they wish to block (prevent from being activated during the next phase). Players cannot name a card already blocked by another player. In this phase players try to anticipate what cards other players will want to activate.

  • 2 – 5 Players
  • Ages 12+
  • 10 – 35 Minutes

To see more visit Ambition on Facebook or take a look at the walk through video below.

1 review for Ambition

  1. Adhil

    This locally designed social deduction game solves some of the deficiencies in other older games of this category.

    You’re forced to pass a card every turn a la Hearts and its genius because you’re not stuck having to lie as you are in Coup.

    This game is a lot of fun, though it’s generally a bit longer than it looks, so don’t go thinking it’s a quick little filler.

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