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IQ Link


IQ Link is a beautifully designed game that features 120 challenges! Fill in the board with the missing, colorful pieces as shown in the included booklet, using both rings and balls to fill available spaces. With puzzles ranging from simple for beginners to complex for advanced players, IQ Link is a fun way to develop problem solving and spatial reasoning abilities.

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Can you find the missing link?

Fit all puzzle pieces on the game board. But watch out! There are 12 pieces and a total of 36 parts,but only 24 free places on the game board! How will you pack the pieces inside the frame to fit?

You have to find ways to link the pieces so that some of them will occupy the same space (like a ball linked to an opened ring). There are a total of 120 challenges and they’re divided in five different levels of difficulty.The challenges start out very easy, with most of the pieces already placed inside the frame. All you have to do is find a way to link the remaining pieces in the few spaces left. As you progress into harder levels, the number of pieces already packed will slowly decrease until only a couple of them lie scattered in the frame. The last challenge (#120) only shows one piece in the frame!

Each challenge only has one possible solution. When a challenge is solved, all puzzle pieces are connected to other puzzle pieces, creating one group of linked puzzle pieces. This way, the correct placement of one puzzle piece becomes a hint for the placement of the next one. Using the fact that pieces link to each other, you can solve many challenges using logic instead of trial and error.
  • 1 Player
  • Ages 8+


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