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Players solve the included 60 challenges by sliding pieces around the board to create an exit path for the red virus. A beautifully designed 3-D game, featuring challenges that range from simple enough for first year med students to complex enough to test advanced neurosurgeons! Anti-Virus is a fun way to develop logical thinking skills and strategic planning skills.

Young and old alike are quick to “catch the bug”. Once you’ve started playing you won’t want to stop!

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Can you rid the body of the deadly red virus? Time’s running out as the red virus spreads throughout the body. Can you correctly manoeuvre the coloured molecules and reject the deadly virus?
Antivirus is the infectiously fun game where you have to tactically remove the red virus. This game is more challenging to solve than it looks because the coloured molecule tiles can only move diagonally or as a group and there’s not a lot of room in this cell. With 60 challenges to keep your mind thinking and 5 different levels of difficulty – you’ll need to find the antidote to save this body cell.

A quick ‘how to play’: (1) Choose a challenge and place all the game pieces on the game board as shown in the challenge booklet. (2) Move the puzzle pieces diagonally or as a group to make a clear route for the red virus cell to get out of the game board. (3) When you can force the red virus cell piece through the exit in the game board you have found the solution.

  • Ages 7+
  • Single Player


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