Werewords is a word-based social deduction game. The Mayor of the village has found a magic word, and if everybody says it together, the Werewolves will be banished from the village. Unfortunately, knowing this magic word has rendered the Mayor speechless, so that he may only answer yes/no questions with the use of tokens. The Seer knows the word, but she must hide from the Werewolves, and the Werewolves know the word but are trying to lead the Village astray.

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In Werewords, players guess a secret word by asking “yes” or “no” questions. Figure out the magic word before time is up, and you win! However, one of the players is secretly a werewolf who is not only working against you, but also knows the word. If you don’t guess the word in time, you can still win by identifying the werewolf!

To help you out, one player is the Seer, who knows the word but must not to be too obvious when helping you figure it out; if the word is guessed, the werewolf can pull out a win by identifying the Seer! A free iOS/Android app provides thousands of words in hundreds of categories at various difficulty levels, so everyone can play.

To set up, take the Mayor card, Seer card, Werewolf card, and Villager cards so that the total number of cards is one more than the number of players. Each player takes a card, look at it. Then the Mayor flips up his or her card and takes the remaining face-down card. At this point, players will begin relying on the app.

Each player shuts their eyes, and the Mayor wakes up and selects his role on the screen (Villager, Seer, or Werewolf). Yes, the Mayor may also be the Seer or Werewolf! And the Mayor doesn’t necessarily have to tell the truth.

The Mayor then chooses his word from a list of 1-5 words, with players being able to customize the difficulty of the words available. There are four levels of word difficulty: Easy, Medium (the default), Hard, and Ridiculous. There are over 10,000 words in the app, and users can also type in custom words. The Mayor goes to sleep, and then the app tells the Seer to wake up and view the word. Then the Seer goes back to sleep, and the app tells the Werewolf to wake up and view the word. The night phase is now finished.

During the day phase, the app runs a timer. Players ask the mayor simple “yes” or “no” questions to try to identify the word, such as, “Is it an item?” or “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” The mayor hands a player a token to answer each question. The tokens are “yes,” “no,” “so close,” and “maybe.” Players should only ask one question at a time, and the Mayor may only communicate by passing tokens.

If the villagers guess the word, the Mayor presses the “Correct” button on the app. The Werewolf shows his card. The Werewolf still has the chance to win if he can guess the Seer, but if not, the Village team wins.

If time runs out, or if the Mayor has to press the “No More Tokens” button, the Village can still win if they guess the Werewolf in a vote after one minute of discussion.

  • Ages 8+
  • 10 Minutes
  • 4 – 10 Players


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