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Boardgames are not only magic or fun, they also create links between people, generations and cultures

Beyond a rule, a game is a tool for a social cohesion, a time offered for a reconnection between people, for a better mutual understanding. Playing a game offers the same opportunity to everyone, regardless of the age, the school grade, the origin, the language… It’s a time away from smartphone, a valuable time of joy and share with our loved, or an excellent positive way to discover new people. Playing a game is a simple and efficient way to build links.

With boardgames, we play, we have fun, we learn, we share, we think, we fly away… Make your choice!

The Big Box offers you a wide range of games! Card games, dice games, wooden games, strategy games, solo games, quick games, family games, there is always a game for you!

At our cafés, you can play at different boardgames, as many as you want and time limitless, while you enjoy a drink or a meal.

There are so many games to discover, mainly imported from France and Europe! Someone to help you to understand the rules is always around and if you like a game, you can simply buy it! For kids or adults, for solo of for large group, with family or with friends, in every circumstances you will find with us the right game for you.

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