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Crazy Cups


Crazy Cups is a game where quickness, observation and reaction are indispensable. Each player has 5 cups of different colors. They must pile or arrange the cups following the drawings shown on one card as fast as possible. Crazy Cups is a fun action game for the whole family!

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In Crazy Cups, each player gets five cups in five colors.

At each turn start, a card combining five elements with the same colors as the cups is revealed. Players must then quickly align or stack their cups in order to reproduce exactly the same layout as the elements on the card. It is important to follow the order and the orientation of colors!

As soon as a player has finished, he quickly presses the bell. The fastest correct series wins the card in play and play then passes to the left for another turn, the next card is revealed and the players start shuffling cups once again. Once all the cards have been claimed, whoever holds the most cards wins!

  • 2 – 4 Players
  • Ages 6+
  • 10 Minutes



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